Bomb Games by Trinity Shirk

Bomb Games: The Spark Part One | What is this about? Edit

This is a book currently in progress by me and my partner, the author (Trinity Shirk). It is a teens book about three eleventh graders who have their school burn down in flames unexpectedly. These eleventh graders later on are on their devices when Joseph (One of the three) takes off while Robert and Trinity (The other two whom are also dating) get some of their limbs blown off. Joseph starts a charity and they raise enough money to get Trinity her two prostetic legs and Robert his prostetic arm. They have many bombs starting to go off in other peoples devices, spreading all the way to Virginia. The enemy (A.K.A. The ODBomber). They are getting calls from him and threats, then their parents go missing. The ODBomber once again calls and lets them know that they ARE dead. After this call, the ODBomber blows up Lady Liberty then while Trinity and Robert are on a date, they get engaged. Ninety Seven (The town that they live in) is blown up and Joseph barely lives...


We will have a character voting competition. Just create a charater. In order to vote just put yes or no in the comment section. Whose ever character wins may will be metioned in the book.

NOTE: I have not had formal permission from my friend so please don't make characters til we say so.

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